“You are a remarkable young man, and the wisdom you shared with our students was so important” – Kim B., 2nd grade teacher Brush Creek Elementary School.

“Thank you for coming and telling us about your life. You have an amazing life. You try hard and I admire you.” – Eric, 2nd grade.

“Thank you for coming to our school and teaching us about cerebral palsy. I really liked how you never gave up trying to do things, and that you tried and can do things that everyone can.” – Taylor, 5th grade.

“Thank you for coming to Brush Creek Elementary. I appreciate it for showing me you’re not any different from the rest of us. You completely changed my mind about disabled people and I thank you for that.” – Madelyn, 5th grade.

“Thank you for telling me that people with disabilities can do the same things I can do just in a different way. Thank you for coming to my school and being brave to tell us about your disability. – Your fan, Emma”, 5th grade.

“Thank you for presenting at Brush Creek Elementary with me. you inspired me to get up and talk. I hope to see you out skiing sometime soon.” – Sterling, 5th grade.

I learned a lot about your physical challenges, the equipment that helps you to be successful, and the determination that keeps you going. It was very enlightening, and provided us with a deeper perspective and respect for others.” – John, 5th grade teacher.